Behind the Business - Affiliates & Partnerships

Behind the Business - Affiliates & Partnerships

For many years I thought that affiliate marketing and commissioned links were opportunities only presented to the elite accounts - mega influencers but things have changed and I’m glad because this means that the small portion of my time linking to a favorite frame or shelf is now commissionable. It’s small potatoes but it’s moving in the right direction of building a business that can sustain the cost of living as an artist. If you’re an artist or know someone who is, then read on. If you have 1500 followers and only posted 200 times, then read on. 

I was approved to be an Amazon Associate at 1600-ish followers and 250 posts and you can be too!

I rarely link but when I do, I feel like it’s a win-win now that someone likes my style and I can help them build their style while being paid. I can now also create a store front featuring my favorite 5-25 picks to share that are commissionable or bounty paid upon sale.
Transparently speaking the earn rates sit at 3% for home decor and 10% for luxury beauty. (I started racking my brain thinking of all the luxury beauty product links I’ve seen and from who, as soon as I saw this chart lol.) Anyway, it’s 3% more than what you had so go for it chica / chico!

Apply to be an Amazon Associate here (not a commissioned link)!

Once approved, you’ll complete your setup instantly by plugging in payout and tax info and then immediately begin building out a store front or just creating one off links for the specific requests in your dms. Until you hit 10,000 followers on IG, you won’t be able to share commissionable links in a swipe up format but you can definitely blog about it, link your blog to your IG and dm the links for people if they’re interested.
I’m keeping this blog short and sweet for a dose of “grow your business” inspo and let me know if this inspired you to push your business boundaries today.
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