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Desert Door Spoke Hollow Bottle Print

Desert Door Spoke Hollow Bottle Print

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You’re viewing a print of an original watercolor portrait of Desert Door's Spoke Hollow Bottle hand-painted by Hannah at EstellaHannah.

Prints are made professionally with archival ink and shipped USPS First Class Mail.

*Print does not come with frame.* 

About Desert Door's Original Spirit from

The Desert Door Conservation Series was created to bring attention to those individuals and organizations who have taken remarkable action in forwarding conservationism. This bottle, dubbed Spoke Hollow, is the second in our Conservation Series. It was created to recognize both Josh Crumpton and his 1,000 acre ranch in Wimberley, Texas - Spoke Hollow. Not only is the ranch breathtakingly beautiful, it is a model of conservation practices.

As with many ranches, Spoke Hollow is covered with Ashe Juniper (or mountain cedar, as it is more commonly called). We spent a day helping Josh clear cedar off of the property — an important action that helps maintain and protect the aquifers that feed groundwater to the ranch. Like the ranch, this limited edition bottle is also rare and beautiful, and features our Texas sotol infused with natural botanicals inspired by our day at Spoke Hollow.


Spoke Hollow features a nose ripe with sweet orange, coriander and floral notes of hibiscus. On the lips, you’ll get notes of grapefruit, lime, as well as grassy, herbaceous flavors (that’s the sotol). The finish reveals juniper, minerality and juicy citrus.


Note: Every sale of Spoke Hollow helps fund the ongoing work of Wild Spirit Wild Places, Desert Door’s non-profit organization. WSWP’s mission is to preserve Texas’ wild ranch and rangelands. Learn more at

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